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Creeky is a wonderful guy who enjoys the outdoors, living off grid, building tiny green homes. He also likes beer. He is often found drawing cartoons, dancing naked in the rain, and pondering the existence of consciousness in the human race. He truly appreciates the support of his readers. Esp. when they buy him beer. Hint hint. Oh. And, yes, he is shameless.

Sunsets and stories

Ah sunlight
Went to an art show. Caught this sunset with Sue as we left.
Coming soon

I’ve been pretty busy lately finishing a big project. I promise I’ll post a few new projects soon. Including:

  • a complete page documenting my Chevy Volt battery pack conversion
  • the hilarious tale (well I found it funny) of my tractor shed build

Stay tuned! And thanks for coming by, boy.

Summer’s Bounty

The cornucopia of summer

Summer is alive with transition. We push our fingers into wet warming soil, carefully dropping tiny seeds. Watch as the first early summer shoots rise from the ground. Wait with anticipation as we tend with trepidation, fearing hail, marauders, weeding, supporting, watering, feeding. And, finally, late summer we reap. Grateful for the bounty bestowed.

From garden to plate.
From garden to plate.

The rhythm of the season, like the pacing of feet or a song of words, a steady progression yet filled with hesitation, tumbling, skipping, harmonics.

Our work is not yet done.

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