Balqon’s newest lustworthy battery

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The new and best 15kw solar storage solution

Dear Readers, you know I am in love with the new LifePo4 or LFP battery packs from Balqon. I featured the 9kw 12v pack back in August. Now they have a new 15kw pack, the 15TR.

This is the ideal off grid solar electrical storage solution.
This is the ideal off grid solar electrical storage solution.

Double the power, double the life

This new battery pack in comparison to my current (ha) 12v FLA (flooded lead acid) pack offers more than 2.5 times the usable power along with double the expected lifespan.

And by usable power I mean power that can be used regularly without damaging the battery pack. With my FLA pack I could use 50% of the stored power on a regular basis, but I would be replacing the pack every 2 to 3 years. With the LFP pack I can use 50% of the power and expect to replace the pack every 12-13 years. You can see the difference.

More life less hassle

I use a 20% discharge maximum (3kw) with my FLA pack to reach an anticipated lifespan of 6 years. The pack is now just over four years in service. It is working fine. However there is maintenance (watering, equalize cycles), cold weather derating (winter is coming), and off gassing; all functions I would like to remove from my off grid electrical network.

Charge efficiency: The trojan horse of FLA batteries

And of course, there is the not talked about 70-80% charge efficiency of FLA. I gain over 20% charge efficiency with a LFP battery. So if I generate 5 kws / day I get 4.75 kws to use, not 3.5-4.

And how I would love to have 7 kws of power at my disposal. No more waiting for sunny days to run my dishwasher.

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