Bee buzz

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Portrait of a bee traveling through time
The bee flies through time and space gathering, exploring, seeking.
The bee flies through time and space gathering, exploring, seeking.
This is my totem, calling to all bees

You see there was a distinct and slightly terrifying lack of bees in my area this year. My locust trees flowered, an event that normally attracts so many bees, standing next to the trees you have to shout to be heard over the roar.

A neighbor has one of those apple trees that fruits tastier and sweeter apples than others. He claims there were lots of flowers but no bees. There is no fruit.

So my painting/drawing is calling all bees. I hope you come back. We miss you.

Do bees have a fashion sense?

Have you ever looked really closely at a bee. They are so cool. They are covered in hair. All kinds of cool hair. Long hair, short hair, thick hair, thin hair. Blonde hair, red hair. Neat.

They spend a lot of time grooming in the hive. Do you suppose they have fashions? Does hair grooming vary by hive? Is this how they tell one bee from another. “Oh, that’s bee with big side hair?”

I don’t know how this drawing happened

I really don’t. I started out doing a macro drawing of a bee based on an idea I had. So, first I put the image I was planning to draw from into a frame. I started cropping it to suit my idea and at a kind of 3/4 zoom: “Oh, I like that,” I said. Saved it. Got called away. And then I forgot all about it.

Three weeks later I thought, well, I’m out of fresh ideas, I’ll work on that bee. Started drawing away cheerfully when I saw, hey, there’s a new paint brush. I’ll try that. Ooooo. Cool. Well. One experiment lead to another … and all in all … happy accident.

Might I suggest

If you get a chance, look up some macro views of bees. Do a drawing. It’s fun.

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