Building a closet and other intrigues

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Hanging it up in the closet

I had thought to put a closet in the chalet. While I was worried it would make the bedroom feel small, I ended up putting in two. One for clothes and another for the toilet.

This closet doesn't have doors.
This closet doesn’t have doors.
Recycled stuff becomes a clothes closet

This photo was taken moments after the rough completion. I’ve cleaned it up since then.

  • a discarded truck bed storage holder becomes a closet rod
  • left over 1/4″ veneer becomes a wall
  • purple heart wood bit becomes a rod backer board
  • cherry trim from an old bookcase is repurposed as wall stud

And I got a place to put a stereo. Man it is nice to have good tunes in the bedroom. I’ll get the tv hooked up eventually. For movies and might add an antenna.

No worries

My worry had been that the closets would close up the space. My bedroom chalet is only 10×14. That’s pretty small. But in fact, the tidying up that the clothes closet and the shifting of the dressers made… Well. The room looks bigger. It has a queen bed. A clothes closet. A dressing area. And a facility.


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