Building the shizzer shack

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Creektreat’s washroom, aka the “shizzer shack”

This is where you’ll find the posts relevant to the outhouse build. This is a great building for anyone thinking of a tiny house. It’s pretty easy to build, it’s very easy to insulate. I could easily have built it with 10 or even 12 foot ceiling if you wanted to do a loft. I just wanted a washroom.

Here’s what I did

We call the outhouse the “shizzershack.” I probably got a little carried away with it. I found this great site (recommended: APB barns). After reading the great info there I got excited and decided to build a tiny house washroom.

The posts here will detail parts of the build. If you’d like a book or instructions on how to build your own version of the shizzer shack post a comment and I’ll write one. I think I’ll charge around three bucks, so let me know if there’s any interest. Thx Creeky.

The next post for this build is “Step One the Shizzer Shack Rises.”

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