Canada Day Celebrations

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Canada Day is officially Christmas Day for me

Woke up at 5. Yup. 5 hrs of sleep and I’m getting dressed and running out through the cold morning dew to the solar shed. Time to check the first night of lithium battery goodness.

47.6. That’s the voltage of my battery pack after running over night.

A picture of concentration as I begin wiring up the batteries.
A picture of concentration as I begin wiring up the batteries.

You would think I got enough of all this last night. But nope.

Even more testing

I test each battery. Each battery reads 47.6. Excellent. All six batteries are installed correctly. It was a bit of a battle getting them all wired up.

The bus bars I use are Nimbus pbts insulated multi tap connectors. I’ve had them since the first build. Man they make things so easy. And nothing is exposed. It’s all tidy in an insulated case.

So. Excited by the low overnight energy use (550 watts). And having proved the satisfactory installation quality (double checking switches and flashed eeprom settings etc). I turn on the dishwasher.

I go back to bed.

Batteries in a box. Positive lines bolted down.
Batteries in a box. Positive lines bolted down.

Get up around 8:30. Check the online stats on my computer. 46.7. Everything is working. If I can run my dishwasher and have the fridge go on and off. All is well in Creeky land.

Two thumbs up to Victron. The Victron also runs at 120v. And because you don’t have (I’m guessing here) the voltage drop from lead acid, I’ve noticed the lights no longer dim ever so slightly when the fridge start up surge hits. Praise be the lithium.

But wait

Then I notice my controllers are reading “night.” But wait. It’s sunny out. Off I go again. Running to the solar shed. Flip flip flip. Turn the panel breakers to on. Doh!!!

Ah. Making power began at 8:45. It’s now 10:15. I’m up to 47.71. So another hour before I’m back to full charge?

Update: By noon I was fully charged and on float. Huzzah.

Life is good.

Peace and happiness to all.

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