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Buy a drawing and feed an artist
All the drawings here are available for purchase.
Order a print; up to 2×4′;.75×1.25m. Printed on lucite (or similar) framed and include an led backlight. Depth is 4″/10cm). From $500/us.
Posters; printed on 11×17″; 28×43). Start at just $15.
Please leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you with more detail. thx.
Why art?
I carried a pad and pencil with me from the time I was, well, very little, until I started working with computers. Then you had this mouse thing and a big computer, neither of which were conducive to drawing with or on. So almost 20 years later I getz this tablet
My drawings are a surprise even to me. I got this tablet with a pen (S pen/notepro 12.2; thx Samsung) and suddenly I’m all like mr. art guy. Wha??? But i am loving it. Hope you are too.
PS-thx for the many kind comments and beers, both here and on various art sites. Joy and happiness.

Hummingbird detail

Hummingbird on the wing

Been working on this drawing for over a week. The full image is much larger, but I found a scratch brush that I can adjust the angle on the stroke so that it matches the angle I want to sketch with. Finished the hummingbird with it.

Here’s a try at showing the detail on line. I really like the base of the wing. And the cross hatched chest.

Hummingbird detail. Working with an angled scratch brush.
Hummingbird detail. Working with an angled scratch brush.

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It’s all going swimmingly

Swimming with otters

I have shared many wonderful moments with wildlife.

One day I’m on the Rideau River near an area called the gut. Now I’ve been fishing in this area for two years, sometimes every day, and had occasionally seen a family of otters frolicking. They appear to be living in the bank on the north shore under some gnarly looking willows.

This day it is just baking hot and, as I’ve brought my swim trunks, mask, snorkle and fins, it’s time for a swim. I dive in and swim along a weed edge in about 12 feet of water. Suddenly I get this feeling that someone is watching me and I turn and look back and this guy is swimming along beside me.

This guy/gal swam with me one hot summer day on the Rideau River.
This guy/gal swam with me one hot summer day on the Rideau River.

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Crisp Carr

A homage to Emily Carr

Emily Carr has been an idol of mine for many years. She was all the things in real life that I love. Adventurous, hard working, she struggled and she overcame. I can relate.

Crisp Carr is my homage to the great Emily Carr.
Crisp Carr is my homage to the great Emily Carr.

Crisp Carr is my devoted homage to her talent. The program I’m using has a new “chalk” effect and I drew the drawing with it and then smeared with the finger.

Also, an artist i was reading, sorry, name is gone now, talked about using a black background and then pulling the painting out of the darkness. Of course we usually do things the other way round, starting with a white sheet.

So when I saw this piece by Emily I saw immediately it was an ideal candidate for the black background. Which I tempered with just a touch of red.

I hope you like it.