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Buy a drawing and feed an artist
All the drawings here are available for purchase.
Order a print; up to 2×4′;.75×1.25m. Printed on lucite (or similar) framed and include an led backlight. Depth is 4″/10cm). From $500/us.
Posters; printed on 11×17″; 28×43). Start at just $15.
Please leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you with more detail. thx.
Why art?
I carried a pad and pencil with me from the time I was, well, very little, until I started working with computers. Then you had this mouse thing and a big computer, neither of which were conducive to drawing with or on. So almost 20 years later I getz this tablet
My drawings are a surprise even to me. I got this tablet with a pen (S pen/notepro 12.2; thx Samsung) and suddenly I’m all like mr. art guy. Wha??? But i am loving it. Hope you are too.
PS-thx for the many kind comments and beers, both here and on various art sites. Joy and happiness.

Tough on Tom

My homage to Tom Thompson

This is my knock off of a Tom Thompson painting. Whew. You want a lesson on hard these folks worked on their paintings, try on one of your own.

Tom Thompson

This is my version of an iconic Tom Thompson painting.

I have to say though, I feel my hand is improving and I think, if you could see the high resolution version, I didn’t do too bad a job. Some really nice textures.

Hope you enjoy.

Perturbed Piet

A homage to Peit Mondrian

I found an early painting by Peit Mondrian, Gray tree. As it was storming outside, thunder boomers, heavy rain, I decided to spend an idyllic few hours doing an homage.

piet mondrian inspired
An early painting by Peit Mondrian inspired this vision of a winter tree.

Apoplectic Varley

This is the first of a series of group of seven, er, influenced drawings I’ve started.

This drawing “Apoplectic Varley” subdues his bright and impassioned waters and skies. Have a look at the original. I might work on this more to bring up some of the vibration and contrast … Still. A most enjoyable many hours.

Apoplectic Varley subdues the vibrant waters and sky of the original. Perhaps too derivative?
Apoplectic Varley subdues the vibrant waters and sky of the original. Perhaps too derivative?

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