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My off grid washroom (aka, the shizzer shack) is a work in progress … in fact its gone from a three season building to four. From polycarbonate windows to glass. But it sticks to the business with a composting toilet and a hot shower. It even has a laundry washer. Learn more from the posts here.

Bokashi test 2

Testing Bokashi in a muldering toilet design
(or Poo digestion: phase 2)


For my primary material management I use an envirolet toilet (muldering toilet in a plastic box). But just before Christmas the cold weather meant frozen material had formed a mountain and plugged the exit.

For the remainder of the winter I use a Sawdust Composting Bucket Toilet. This is a trigger for my interest in Bokashi.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: the envirolet test

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Pickle your Two

Bokashi culture pickles poo

I know. Kind of an odd topic, but while off grid waste management is seemingly without surprise, here’s a tip I picked up last year: Bokashi style composting toilets.

Horse bedding and bokashi inoculate:  a new waste management solution  now on  hand.
Horse bedding and bokashi inoculate: a new waste management solution now on hand.

Bokashi is Japanese for “fermented organic matter.” You make an inoculate or microbe laden mash and by combining it with various organic materials use it to ferment and very rapidly compost those materials. That’s the theory.

Sawdust toilet test

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The shizzer shack:
Step One

The needs behind the house of need to

Perhaps the biggest headache of living off grid for any time is the, er, waste management situation.

When quizzed I think most folks would say its gotta be

  • safe
  • clean
  • easy to access
  • not stinky
  • have wash up water
  • involve sitting
  • be warm in the winter time

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Step One

Building the shizzer shack

Creektreat’s washroom, aka the “shizzer shack”

This is where you’ll find the posts relevant to the outhouse build. This is a great building for anyone thinking of a tiny house. It’s pretty easy to build, it’s very easy to insulate. I could easily have built it with 10 or even 12 foot ceiling if you wanted to do a loft. I just wanted a washroom.

Here’s what I did

We call the outhouse the “shizzershack.” I probably got a little carried away with it. I found this great site (recommended: APB barns). After reading the great info there I got excited and decided to build a tiny house washroom.

The posts here will detail parts of the build. If you’d like a book or instructions on how to build your own version of the shizzer shack post a comment and I’ll write one. I think I’ll charge around three bucks, so let me know if there’s any interest. Thx Creeky.

The next post for this build is “Step One the Shizzer Shack Rises.”