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Living off grid is partially about building. You need a dry and warm place to sleep. A washroom. A kitchen. And I like to do a bit of gardening. These posts are about real solutions to off grid life. I’ve been off grid for four years now, so something’s working (mostly it’s me). I hope these posts help you on your off grid journey. Peace and love.

Building the shizzer shack

Creektreat’s washroom, aka the “shizzer shack”

This is where you’ll find the posts relevant to the outhouse build. This is a great building for anyone thinking of a tiny house. It’s pretty easy to build, it’s very easy to insulate. I could easily have built it with 10 or even 12 foot ceiling if you wanted to do a loft. I just wanted a washroom.

Here’s what I did

We call the outhouse the “shizzershack.” I probably got a little carried away with it. I found this great site (recommended: APB barns). After reading the great info there I got excited and decided to build a tiny house washroom.

The posts here will detail parts of the build. If you’d like a book or instructions on how to build your own version of the shizzer shack post a comment and I’ll write one. I think I’ll charge around three bucks, so let me know if there’s any interest. Thx Creeky.

The next post for this build is “Step One the Shizzer Shack Rises.”

My off grid solar experiment

 Creeky’s solar system:
Or how I live the life of Riley off grid
Check out the coming Solar posts for more information about how I built my solar system.

When I started building my solar system in 2010 there were very few resources available in my part of the world. So I took the “build it and hope” approach.

  • First I built a solar shed with a rack that allows the solar panels to be easily adjusted for spring/fall, summer, winter, and big wind storm in the forecast. You can read more about the shed in the shed post.
The first cladding of the solar shed is complete. Let the rains come.
The first cladding of the solar shed is complete. Let the rains come.
  • Then I got some good batteries configured for 12 volts
These are Crown 395s. I have 6. 3 sets of two, in serial, in parallel strings. Works for me. And gives me about 1200 amp hours at 12 volts or 15kw of power. Which, with lead acid battery packs means about 3kw of reserve power.
  • I installed 1kw of solar panel power. Panels were in the 4 to 6 dollar a watt range. I was very fortunate to find high quality mono crystalline panels for $2/watt from a solar provider clearing inventory of demo panels.
    • As I’ve grown my needs I’ve upgraded to two mppt controllers so that I can have 2 kw of panels to charge those batteries. Currently (ha ha) I have 1.5 worth of panels
The solar shed
This is me spring of 2012. 1kw of panels working away.

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The solar shed: Part One

Building the shed

Your first quandry with any solar system is where the heck to put it.

Using a hybrid timber frame / regular wall I built an 8x8x10 frame for my shed.
Using a hybrid timber frame / regular wall I built an 8x8x10 frame for my shed. She’s solid as a rock boys.

You have to hang panels that are 3 feet by 5 feet in my case and weight 50 lbs each. You have to store batteries: 720 lbs of lead for me. And you need a safe dry spot for your charge controller, your inverter, your combiner boxes. And, if you’re like me, cheap, you have to do it on a limited budget.

What do you do? Here’s my solution:

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