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In the spring of 2014 I got a new sketchpad. It’s actually a tablet with a pen. It’s a lot of fun to play with. And, as I usually take July and August off work to have fun I found myself drawing a cartoon — wha???

Free t shirt slogans

What my t shirt slogans are all about

Hey all, I’ve been creating t shirt slogans for awhile now. The idea is to take two phrases or words and separate them, one on each side of your body. When viewed by a friend or passerby the word or phrase has a meaning. When that person walks around you and sees the second phrase, the combination of the two sides makes for a different meaning.

humans like naked
Humans like naked is a free t shirt slogan






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My off grid life: Dealing with Critters

Love your critters

Off grid life has it’s moments. I love my critters. I know some folks are afraid of racoons and skunks and even ground hogs. But I’m not. We don’t have rabies in my area and I have found that a real “live and let live” ethos exists between these guys. And now between these folks and me.

Sometimes though, sometimes you need to get creative.

off grid racoons
Dealing with racoons to keep the corn in the pot.