Eye of the lark

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A dancer reflects in the eye of a lark

In Canada we have two meadowlarks, Eastern and Western, with melodious and joyous calls. There is also the horned lark, famed for its acrobatic courtship displays and lovely song.

A larks eye reflects a spirit dancer.
A larks eye reflects a spirit dancer.

In some native American mythologies the lark brings peace, in others they are a symbol of friendship and loyalty.

For myself, to “enjoy a lark” or “lark about” are expressions of freedom and youthful joy.

As an omen the lark is telling you to cut loose. Enjoy the day. Have some fun.

A symbol of creative freedom

My eye of the lark is a symbol of creativity. The eye, both foreign and yet familiar, complex and somehow unknowable, reflects a dance spirit part woman part bird.

I don’t know where this reflection comes from. All I know is I saw a photo of a larks eye and she appeared in my mind’s eye. Being in a period of artistic renewal,  I had to draw her out.

I have been assembling ideas that use the techniques I learned from my “Group of 7” experiments. It struck me that these artists painted from the landscape view. Their vision was of large vistas, the world seen from a distance. I thought, what if I zoom in. What if I take those techniques of vibrancy and spirit and create close up views. The worlds of a grain of sand.

My first “macro” drawing

This is the first of my macro paintings. The eye detail used this odd splatter brush I found.

The original is suitable for printing up to 36×42″ if you would like a copy. Make me an offer.

All happiness. Creeky.

2 thoughts on “Eye of the lark”

    1. Thank you for the compliment. The idea comes from an online video course I’m taking. The guide talks about establishing, medium and close up shots. It struck me that in painting you rarely see the close up. And I like to play, so.

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