Free t shirt slogans

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What my t shirt slogans are all about

Hey all, I’ve been creating t shirt slogans for awhile now. The idea is to take two phrases or words and separate them, one on each side of your body. When viewed by a friend or passerby the word or phrase has a meaning. When that person walks around you and sees the second phrase, the combination of the two sides makes for a different meaning.

humans like naked
Humans like naked is a free t shirt slogan






Cool right. And, depending on whether they saw you from the front or the back first that meaning can change. It can go either way. Combine the two for the same meaning, and sometimes the meaning changes completely.

I will be adding to this pretty frequently. So come back for the latest, and feel free to add your own in the comments section.

free t shirt slogan
magnify insignificance is a free t shirt slogan

I find I write ’em down in various places. Pieces of scrap paper, notebooks, business cards: and then I lose them, so this is my attempt to publish them. Good luck right.

I offer them for free. If you use one of them I ask only two things: First, copyright is per Creative Commons Deed. So please add a copyright notice for thx. And second, I am putting up a donation link, if you use one of the designs or enjoy reading this please buy this poor off grid boy a beer. Extra thx.

And maybe 3. If you print a t shirt with one of the slogans send me a pic. Or a story with how it worked out in the real world. Ultra thx.

free t shirt slogan
Naturally conceived is a free t shirt slogan
It it enough Too much is a free t shirt slogan


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