Fun with lithium

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New lawn mower, new inverter, fun with lithium!

My new inverter is a hard wire 3000w. With .3a at 48v tare (or idle load) and a nifty new display screen. I hope this will keep me going for a few years.

Just received my new inverter. A CNBOU 3000. Look, it has a new display showing the voltage and the amps out. I haven’t got a fully charged battery to run the burn in and test the various idle draw claims. But looks good with the nifty display, no?


And, I found a dead electric lawn mower on the side of the road. Take a sawzall to the battery compartment and add a 24v lithium battery taken from the solar boat project.

Voila. Meet Mrlithiumlawnhero.

One man’s garbage is another man’s lawn mower. With a high hat lithium addition of course.

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