Hay rack roof rolling

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Roll out the roofing

Started the roofing ice/water layer going over 6″ of recycled polyiso sheet insulation.

Roof ice/water barrier is strapped down.
Roof ice/water barrier is strapped down.

It’s all  held down with pine strapping and 8″ screws. $.75 each. Ooooouch.

Strapping is started

Once I’m wrapped I’ll double check my lengths and decide on the final roof size. I have a pretty good idea. But never hurts to double check. There will be a light grey metal roof.

The issue sizing the roof was the insulation. As I’m using all recycled insulation it’s not a good idea to be overly predetermined on sizes. What if I had found 4″? In fact I found 3″ and so cheap that I layered two layers. This means my roof is actually a couple inches taller than the original concept.

Keep it going

And here’s a longer shot. The back wall is pretty much done. Bit of flashing tape and a couple of windows is all. Sure I still need to build my window boxes. Piece of cake…

Bit of a distance shot on the back wall.
Bit of a distance shot on the back wall.

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