LFP is King — and I have proof

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Vindication is mine

Dear readers, as you know I’ve been touting the energy storage benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP) for off grid families who need reliable solar / wind / hydro energy storage from the moment I discovered a plug and play format earlier this year.

Sharing my realization on sites other than this one, I have been attacked, yes, and slandered, by a variety of what I have come to call “leadites.” Those who cling to this idea that solar power will remain in one fixed position.

Oh the battles I could tell you about. But today, dear reader, I found scientific proof to my hypothesis that LFP is the new best solar/wind off grid storage media.

To wit:

A comparison of lead-acid and lithium-based battery behavior and capacity fade in off-grid renewable charging applications
by Elena M. Krieger, John Cannarella, Craig B. Arnold
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ USA

Mwha ha hah … take this leadites …

LFP rules

Here are the relevant bits, though the paper is very easy to read even for a layman and contains many relevant and interesting points.

Point 1

I have been stating: LFP is cost effective despite its higher price due to the longevity of the battery, and Princeton phds say?

“these studies suggest that LFP batteries may last many times longer than lead-acid cells in off-grid wind and solar applications and have significant potential to reduce energy storage costs over the lifetime of intermittent renewable energy systems”


Point 2

I have said time and again that LFP charging characteristics appear far more useful than lead acid, and Princeton says

“LFP cells not only show the least degradation under variable charging protocols, which are characteristic of all off-grid renewable
energy generation, but the best voltage performance as well”

and Point 3

I have suggested that LFP is a good buying decision, and Princeton says

“the long lifespan and good voltage performance of LFP cells suggest they are well-suited for off-grid renewable energy systems.

The full paper is available at:

Trust me, I’m trying not to gloat. But maybe now we can have a conversation on how to best implement this new battery technology and stop having to defend our viewpoint from “leadites.”

Case closed.

One thought on “LFP is King — and I have proof”

  1. Ha! Vindication is yours. I suppose if a person has invested hundreds, nay, thousands, of dollars on lead-acid battery arrays, one might be a tad resistant to suggestions that there is a better technology. (Detach your egos from your acquisitions, people.)

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