Lithium: 1st year report

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First year with lithium and the bird is still on the wire

Cell balance remains perfect. The no BMS route remains a great solution. I give thanks to the many other lithium adopters for their words of wisdom.
Well, I’m jumping the gun on my one year lithium report,
but I have to say everything has gone very well
  • no cell drift. None. Zip. Zero.
  • efficiency far surpassing expectations
  • no maintenance other than monitoring
  • = happy Creek

It was a lot of research and study getting the solution worked out. However, the work has paid off. Thanks to all those on the web and elsewhere who helped me with this. A couple of forums; ecorenovator and endless-sphere in particular. Peace and happiness to all.

If anyone tells you to buy lead acid as a battery solution for off grid living. Run, don’t walk, away. Lithium rules!

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