Lithium: 1st year report

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First year with lithium and the bird is still on the wire

Cell balance remains perfect. The no BMS route remains a great solution. I give thanks to the many other lithium adopters for their words of wisdom.
Well, I’m jumping the gun on my one year lithium report,
but I have to say everything has gone very well
  • no cell drift. None. Zip. Zero.
  • efficiency far surpassing expectations
  • no maintenance other than monitoring
  • = happy Creek

It was a lot of research and study getting the solution worked out. However, the work has paid off. Thanks to all those on the web and elsewhere who helped me with this. A couple of forums; ecorenovator and endless-sphere in particular. Peace and happiness to all.

If anyone tells you to buy lead acid as a battery solution for off grid living. Run, don’t walk, away. Lithium rules!

7 thoughts on “Lithium: 1st year report”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiment so others like myself can do the same….. I noticed the original configuration utilized some sort of cooling. How did you address battery heat? I live in south Florida and would have the battery bank in my hot garage.



    1. Brandon, in my climate heat is not a problem. We need to keep them warm in winter. A variety of techniques are used. Mostly we insulate the box and use the inverter as a small heater. Some have put small battery blankets around their batteries.

      I’ve opted for removing the fluid based heat/cool fluid as Sandia Labs built a Volt based SESS in 2012 and they dispensed with the fluid. There is data that shows the batteries do not degrade any faster until 45C (115F). I don’t know how hot your garage gets. Perhaps building an insulated box with ground contact (concrete floor?) would be enough to keep the batteries cool.

      Most solar controllers have a BTS (battery temperature sensor). Might be useful to monitor your battery enclosure. I have seen some builds with fans in the box. Good luck. And if you want to drop in and post results. You’d be most welcome. I know readers would be interested.

  2. I found a Volt and I am so excited to have found your blog here. I was getting a bit bogged down in research, but your success is inspiring!

  3. On ebay there are some volt 1-3kwh batteries up. Is there an easy guide to utilize these for a diy off-grid system? Starting from scratch of course :p

    1. I’ve been meaning to write an “easy guide”. It takes a lot of time/work. Care to make an offer?
      The advantage of buying off of ebay is a good part of the work is done. Make sure you get the orange BMS lead. It will prove useful.
      Go 48v. See bobolinksolar dot com for a useful bms/harness solution.
      Quick note: you will need newer programmable equipment. Watch your inverter voltages. And make sure your solar and any other charger/controller is programmable.
      Good luck and happy journey.

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