Lithium is Live!

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And I am too

In celebration of Canada Day the lead is out and the lithium is in. Canada’s first diy Chevy Volt solar ESS is live.

Mosquitoes and other frights into the night

The wiring is not pretty. The mosquitoes found me rather delicious; The sun ran out before I was done. But by the light of a small flashlight; With the luck of the explorer; And courtesy of a helpful hand from my sweetheart. The power goes on.

Drum roll please. Here’s the first live feed from my ammeter.

The full system is live. Base load and fridge, 201.5w.
The full system is live. Base load and fridge, 201.5w.

Yup. This post draws on electrons stored on my new lithium solar energy storage system (SESS).

Well. That’s it for me for today. I’ll post more images tomorrow from the build. Goodnight folks.

2 thoughts on “Lithium is Live!”

  1. I’m so grateful for this blog! I’ve been contemplating utilizing a Chevy volt ESS for almost a year now. I’m wondering if you ever implemented an automatic BMS solution, or stuck with the manual method you hinted at in another post.

    1. I have finally worked out an automatic BMS that I am happy with. It did get a bit more expensive than I had hoped. But it is working really nicely. It is a two step process. First, with the help of a fellow who we’ll call DB, we had custom harnesses made for the Volt modules. These plug into the Volt sensor receptacles. They tie all of the cells in each module together in parallel. We can link up to 12 modules quite easily. Then we plug in an active cell manager.

      This is the bomb proof version. No BMS is fine with smaller packs that you monitor. And I have seen no cell drift after a year. However, for larger packs over decades of use. The BMS system seems like a reasonable add on. You can learn more about the system at

      Hope this helps.

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