Monet sketch

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Monet memories

Went to the National Gallery in Ottawa a few days back. Did a sketch of one of the Monet pieces. Okay, it’s a rough pencil drawing done while standing, jostled by the crowds of other onlookers, but it gave  me a look into the techniques Monet was using.

Quick sketch of a Monet painting.
Quick sketch of a Monet painting.

Interesting how he drew to a single vanishing point. And if you look at the bottom, that’s his wife. Arm stuck out the back, wearing a turban(?) and neat bustle dress.

Look closer and you find he cheated on the line on the bottom of the warehouse. The top of the warehouse the line moves directly to the vanishing point. The line off the bottom curves over to make the point.

My black and white pencil drawing misses the colour. At the bottom of this painting Monet drew his studio. A small house built on a barge. And he painted it with a bright blue that he used nowhere else in the painting. Neat.

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