My camp build — 2010 to 2015

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The story in five parts
  1. My camp build – 2010
  2. My camp build – 2011
  3. My camp build – 2012
  4. My camp build – 2013
  5. My camp build – 2014
  6. My camp build – 2015 in progress …
My camp build started as a dream

The dream was to create a writer’s paradise. I wanted a tiny writer’s cabin with a window that had lots of panes of glass. This window would look out over water. You wouldn’t sit at a table, you would lie in a bed.

What a great dream

Things change. Circumstance changes. Dreams evolve. And that’s what’s happened to my camp. It has grown in ways I could never have imagined.

For instance I never saw living here full time. And I never thought I’d add drawing (and cartoons, wha?) to my list of creative activities.

I was not a builder when I started. Who would have thought I would assemble a solar system? Build a pole barn? Live in a shed? Adopt wild creatures? Learn how to design inexpensive buildings for very cold climates? Not me.

And who knew

It would take this much time. Time to get things right. Time to see what you really need and not what you preconceive. Time to build.

I will say, from watching my build progress, and others. The greatest joy in off grid life may be the progression of time. The build. The seasons. Life. It is wonderful.

And if there’s a lesson here, it’s not too rush. There’s no hurry. Build it and enjoy. Even if you don’t get everything done, get enough done.

And enjoy the journey

I hope you enjoy the trip. This took some time to write. And it’ll take some time to read. So I hope you find delight, laughter and joy. Peace and love.

And remember. Comments very appreciated.

6 thoughts on “My camp build — 2010 to 2015”

  1. Hello sir
    Hope all is going good with you !
    Was wondering about your inverter is it holding up and would you still recommend it.

    1. Hi Douglas,
      Yes, everything is great. Thx. The TBS is doing very well. I’m more impressed with it every season. I added a dishwasher to my appliance list this year and I can run the dishwasher and the fridge can start (with the onrush start up surge) no problem. Very happy with that.

      I have actually changed my recommendations for inverter sizing as a result. A good quality inverter means you can reduce overall inverter size thus reducing idle overhead. The new inverters with their 10w and 8w idle loads are just fantastic.

      I hope all is well with you. All the best.

      1. Thank you very much sir !
        I’m looking at their 2000 watt model
        I’m not a member of the small cabin forum that you comment on all the time but I sure enjoy your comments!
        I live in New Mexico same state that lives in !
        Best wishes to you sir !!
        Thanks again

        1. That’s a great inverter. From what I’ve learned, the inverter is, to me, the priority in terms of quality. It does the most work that’s for sure.

          Thank you for your kind comment. I’ve learned so much these past 7 years moving off grid and 5 years running my own solar grid. I find real joy in sharing those lessons with those who appreciate it. 🙂

          Oh. And maybe have a look at the lfp posts? Lithium is the way to go if you’re off grid, especially full time. While we can debate the overall cost. There are very real performance benefits. Which, if you’re new to solar/alternate power, aren’t easy to appreciate. But if you’ve lived with lead acid power storage/use. You yearn for desperately. 😉

          1. Lol !!
            You and your lithium batteries !!
            ( just giving you a hard time ) !!
            Will go with 8 golf cart batteries just so I can learn on those !!
            Then we’ll decide whether to go with lithium or forklift battery. Hopefully the prices will come down on lithium !
            At the present time I have no solar up and running, just spent the last month living off the grid using a 1800 watt inverter generator for power !
            ( I used 12 gallons of gas in 30 days )
            I am very happy with that !
            And my time has run out working on the off the grid house, ( have only been working on the house for 30 years, some people may think I’m slow ) Lol
            Now I’m preparing to go to work in South Dakota will be there until April working.
            Will have lots of questions for you sir !
            need answers from people that live the life of being off grid !
            ( hope you don’t mind all the
            questions )

          2. Hey Doug, hope the job went well.
            Go lithium. It looks more expensive but it’s cheaper in the long run. A forklift battery weighs a tonne. The same lithium pack weights 250lbs. And one is far more efficient and far less maintenance. I know a guy with a forklift battery that waters every month. Has to water. And needs 4-600 watts a day just to keep the pack alive. Lead is dead.
            Good luck with your off grid adventure. It’s a blessing. Peace my friend.

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