Recycling pallets

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The new battery box

The new battery box is under construction.

The battery box is prepped.
The battery box is prepped.

Keeping with the recycled theme. The box is built from the pallet the battery pack came on. That and some off cuts of plywood from another project. Sweet.

So a quick checklist:

  • Batteries are charged
  • Cables are next to be¬†assembled
  • Installation is scheduled
And just in time

The lead acid batteries are struggling. I checked the plates. Wow. They are far more corroded/sulfated than when I last checked them.  I think this change over is coming in the nick of time.

I thought they were in great shape. Nope. Off to the recycle depot. $0.26/lb. Meh.

Well. Fingers crossed, the next post will be with the lithium in and running.

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