Save Our Raptors

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Save our Raptors: Please don’t poison

I think we all enjoy the return of golden eagles. What delight in the swooping hawk and thrill hearing the hoot of an owl in darkest night.

Save our Raptors. Don't poison critters.
Save our Raptors. Don’t poison critters. (Higher resolution version below).

Yet, scavenged poisoned critters are causing 2/3s of all raptor deaths says a recent study.

So please, protect your garden, but don’t poison.

Did you know golden eagles were making a comback?

Golden eagles and vultures look almost identical from the air. Because of that many people don’t know golden eagles have made a comeback in eastern Ontario.

Tips for identification:

Easiest: Seen from below, the golden eagle wing is all black with perhaps (if it’s fairly close) a lighter coloured band at the front of the wing. The vulture has a dark wing at the front but most of the wing trailing to the back will be light gray.

Harder: Golden eagles have flat wings and shoulders while soaring. The vulture has a hunch to its shoulder and will arch the wing. Both will bend/flare the wing tips.

Hardest: The eagle also has a dark smaller, thicker neck and head. The vulture shows up thinner with a featherless head and neck. But you’ll need to be pretty close to tell.

Remember. You can buy extra veg on Sundays at the farmers market next to B&H. Or trap. And enjoy the flight of those magnificent birds of prey.

I have to say, I prefer thinking of my garden contribution to wildlife, happily or not, as a small price to pay in this era of rapidly declining wild species. Though ask me that again after the deer have eaten my apple harvest.

High resolution jpg for print publication
Higher resolution image for print publication. Save our Raptors: Please don't use poison to kill critters.
Higher resolution image for print publication.
Save our Raptors: Please don’t use poison to kill critters.

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