Siding the shizzer shack

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The shizzer shack cladding begins
Cement siding for the shizzer shack.
Cement siding for the shizzer shack.
Dear Mr. B

My good friend Mr. B came out to help me the other day and we managed a start on the shizzer shack siding.

This is Hardie cement board siding that I got a ridiculously good deal on. It was leftovers from a whole house reno. But when I picked it up, holy hanna. That stuff is floppy. Almost immediately broke a piece. So I’m all worried, how the heck am I gonna install this. I mean. One of the things here is self reliance. I think it up. I find the materials. I do the install.

Time to ask for help

So Mr. B has been bugging me to come out and go fishing. I keep telling him though, I’ze gotz work to doo this fall.

We compromised. He came out and helped me with the siding and I’m going fishing Monday with him.

But wait …

So one thing I found picking the cement board up is it is floppy and prone to snapping all by itself.

Plus. You go online and there are all kinds of scary warnings about how hard it is to cut.

Ah. Bull droppings. Two guys can handle the 12′ sections no worries. And I bought a special blade for cutting cement board. Charged up my three batteries for the portable saw. And then only used one. The stuff cuts easily. As easy as pie.

End of day. And a not very hard day. We’ve got two walls sided with Hardie board. I plan to put white metal sheet above.

Just one of those jobs you think is going to be really hard. And it turns out to be fairly easy. Especially after I cut blocks to make fitting the siding easier.


This building has been up for going on four years now. So it’s seen some good testing. I left the polyiso insulation exposed as I wanted to see :

  • how would it weather
  • did it get attacked by insects, birds, mice?
  • how durable is it?

The insulation has performed far above my expectations. The tape I used has not changed at all. The insulation has not changed at all. Neither shrunk, expanded nor decayed.

I have had a few sessions where I go around with bits of tape and seal up small dents. These have been caused by my banging into the polyiso sheathing with something hard, ie. a board.

No insects, mice or birds have attacked or broken the foam insulation board.

The insulation value is fantastic. When you can heat an 8×16′ building with 10 ft ceilings in -35 temps using a 13k btu direct vent heater. Two thumbs up.

Still. Enough is enough. Time to clad. I’ll be glad?

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