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The spray foam gun: essential tool for the off grid build

HT-300 insulation foam gun with two types of Tytan foam.

HT-300 insulation foam gun with two types of Tytan foam.

This is a pic of the gun I’ve been using for the last two years, or is it three, and it illustrates one of the key Creeky top tip appliances for off grid.

This metal barreled gun came recommended (HT-300). My first gun was 50 bucks with foam. and it lasted 3 days. Fell off of a dresser and the plastic wand snapped. ouch.

So happy hint: get a foam applicator with a metal barrel. My first HT- cost 14 bucks. Sadly after a few years I forgot to close the barrel and the foam dried out blocking the barrel. The pic above is my second ($19) in 5 years. I’m more careful now.

Advantages to a gun and foam

The gun/cans can be used again and again. The can you see here with the gun on it was put on in December 2014 at the end of my winter chalet build. It’s been used to finish the build and on at least 10 more occasions. I blocked a mouse entrance. I foamed an air leak. The dark yellow foam you see on the barrel. That was a different kind of foam. I have put 3 foam types/mfct through this gun. maybe 4.  Today, as I write, is July 2015. The can is almost empty and another can awaits. That’s the gun / can advantage.

So you see how the cans last and last and last and … you get more applications and more product than from the single use cans. Way more. And yup. I like the tytan product. I live in a very cold climate and sealing a chilly draft at -10 in just a few seconds. priceless.

Creektreat. Where you find real build ideas. Ya?

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