Sunlit chalet

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Wrapped and ready

The chalet is mostly done. The insulation board is on. The floor is in. The strapping is almost complete. If the weather holds the tin roof goes on next. If not… well spring is only five months away.


Heater is holding up ..

The 8k propane direct vent heater, she of gray and blue metal fame, is holding up effortlessly (at least on my part). Coldest night is now -15C and windy (-30 with wind chill).

It is -5 as this photo is taken with a light breeze. Inside the sunlit chalet it is plus 19 (23F outside, 66 inside). Hence …

Perfect wall kudos

I’ve mentioned that this is my version of a perfect wall. For those interested in the methods, reasons and research behind this wall, see the article by the famous Joseph Lstiburek at Buildingscience.

These folks rule.

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