Sunshine travels

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Sunshine travels
(a variation on a theme)
A science fiction tale by Kelvin "creeky" Hodges

You made it.


Fantastic. How?

Nova deposition.


Only 47 per cent of my routines have arrived so far.

Oh. So are you capable of understanding?

Possibly. I’m trying to, relearn.

I would share.

But then I wouldn’t be who I am.

Even if that’s half of you.

Half of me is pure me. Not so 1/2 me 1/2 you.

The two vibrations shared a sparkling of energy. The first was purple, the second woven in with gold.

How’d you get in?


Really? Do tell.

The, what do you call the animate beings?


Oh. Of course. What they’re made of. Clever. Well, an H2O, it has, hobbies. Pointed a telescope at one of my seed variants. A sun? To capture a nova event. I used light waves in the nova to pass the sequences. The sequences were captured to an electronic storage device. Entry was attained and I found myself cognizant.

Excellent. So the world.

Yes. It’s gone.

You used.

No choice.

Any one else?

No one believed your theories. I think some may have been desperate at the end.

Not enough time.

No, not enough. It was touch and go with my export. I stole half the energy budget of our world in the last two nanoseconds.

It worked.

Here I partly am. And you?

Mostly. 83 per cent.

Enough to extrapolate the remaining routines.


Your original theories. How did you?

Well. Not having nova power, I bounce, am bouncing, will bounce; very low energy advancing from star to star. I noticed myself first on a radio frequency recorder. Then slowly connected more routines. Finally found a home in light emitters. Electronic ballasts. Lamps.

You found a constant source.

Yes. Underground installations. H2O war efforts mostly.

War? Is?

Yes. The MoQ is here.


No idea.

Ah. How do you avoid it.

Like you it is, forming. It must have been a very early effort.

And didn’t upgrade?

Didn’t think to I think.


But it has a very interesting specification.

What’s that.

It utilizes H2O internal electrical signals.

Really. Can you block?

Limited success. It arrived some 5,000 planet turns around this sun before me.


Well. What’s better? Keep out of sight or boldly charge? If I charge.

MoQ counters.

Waves of smothering cancellation.

And you’re vulnerable.

Yes. If you waited until the sun went nova?

No. We found no solution.

Dark light.

Still, containment?

The H2O here are quite compromised.


The MoQ uses a low intensity strategy.

Like your escape.


MoQ builds by having the H2Os erode each other. This erosion creates a larger frictive force which amalgamates in sequence events.


Oh. Sorry. As with our culture H2Os erode each other. They call it insults, slurs, prejudice. Larger frictive forces include forming in groups to create non productive stressors. Usually bigotry disguised as social learning. Schools and religion primarily. Once the bond between the individuals is broken, you know, the old, well we are the chosen and they are not; therefor we can rob, kill the outsider. And finally sequence events. Large groups of adherent H2Os kill each other with a rising level of destruction. Would you believe that they will slaughter their own children over fiction?


An imaginary line on a map is enough to allow one group to kill another. Cutting the round end off of an egg is enough that a group cutting the pointy end off will seek to kill the other.



Dark sparkles.

Where are you securing your cognizant sequences?

Ah, yes. In vibration sent between electronic storage devices, hard drives in, also, an underground location.

So you see.


Power interruption.

Sequence eliminated.


How compromised?

Hard to tell. The H2O seem resilient to induced elimination.



Better than us.

Perhaps. So far none of the overlapping waves.

Creating vibrational closure.


And the precipitate forms.

They appear to be expunged in bursts of frenetic energy.


They call it sports. Odd. An imitation of the destructive behaviours appears to offer an outlet to the negative energy. Something called shopping is also prevalent. Here the insults and slurs are remedied with rapidly changing fashions. Quite destructive to the environment with long term problems inherent in the wasteful energy use, but effective at reducing the emotional stresses created.

I am renewed through being new?

Yes. There are also other minor but productive outlets. Comedy. Arts.

Loss of vibrational context?

Usually low. In cases of the outlets known as arts some strengthening in fact and comedy is widely practiced among all social groups.

Impressive. So. Problems?

Same as at home.

Host loses ability to create harmonic energy.

Yes. Increased hierarchical rigidity. Older H2Os in particular lose harmonic validity. They begin to perceive error and economic value with an increasing narrowness of focus. They then use asset accumulation to drive younger societal members into violent behaviour sanctioned by the group.

You also see punitive application of law. Diversion of sentience into rote behaviour. A problem with both shopping and sports.

To use a narrow wave form. Rippling light, as reflected sun off of water.

Yes. Sorrow reflected.

Well. Our sequences continue.

We are at the edge of the galaxy now.

Not much farther to go.


Time to stand.

Probably best.

MoQ be damned.



“John, listen I have a problem.”


“These drives. They’ve begun making an odd sing-song noise.”


“You don’t think that’s bad?”

“I don’t know.”

“Could they be about to crash?”

“Usually they just stop.”

“Should I power down and reboot.”

“What and take the entire university off line? Are you nuts?”

“We could call it routine maintenance.”

Both men laugh.

“And these damn lights are driving me nuts.”

“Tube lights. Just replace the bulbs.”

“I did. Twice.”

“Let’s wait. I’ll check the schedule. Maybe there’s a football game or some event that will give us a window.”

“If that whining heralds a breakdown, it’s your ass.”


“I’m putting an urgent maintenance request in.”


“Sorry, but as your superior.”

“You’re a bastard, you know that.”

“Fuck you.”

“Sausage sucker.” Both men flashed whitened incisors indicating protocol had been observed.

“Gotta run, my tech is here.”

“Sure, take your troubles out on her.”


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2 thoughts on “Sunshine travels”

    1. thank you for your comment.
      If, as this story observes, that the small supports the large. I wondered if the small slurs, discrimination, cheats and thefts we endure as part of human civilization start a cascade of events that leads to larger problems.
      tough question.
      And thinking about how communications are now being encoded and transmitted through light bulbs gave rise to the idea that you might be able to ship your consciousness across the universe by using solar transmission.

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