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Time for a table seating two

A tale of table and a vast panorama of the new kitchen
Ah, "that state of methodical and undervalued anarchy common to bachelors" -- Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I was sitting in my comfy chair pondering my new cabinets when I asked myself a simple question: What’s next? I thought for a bit and I realized there was one thing I was still missing. A recent debacle involving food spilling into my lap may have, er, informed this perception.

Not the best picture of the new dining table. Bamboo countertop converted to a trendy and very useful work of culinary construction.

I realized I need a kitchen table. I know. Sometimes … sometimes my friends I can discover the simplest of realizations through the most lengthy of processes.

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Will the kitchen construction ever be complete?

Kitchen progress continues

I’m getting close. The problem: there’s never enough storage space. Solution: more cabinets.

Keep on keepin' on. Kitchen cabinets are up.
Keep on keepin’ on. Kitchen cabinets are up.

Careful kijiji watching spots a pair of upper IKEA horizontal cabinets for $40 bucks. Light wood trim similar to everything else in my kitchen. Seemingly a score . Now, if you’ve been following along you know that there’s a rule in kijiji land. For every two scores you get one burn. So the whole time I’m driving into town to pick up the cabinets, which, by the by, were up for a suspiciously long time, I’m thinking, it’s okay, I’ve had quite a few bargains, if they don’t work out. I’m still ahead of the game.

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