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The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party
A short vignette by Kelvin "creeky" Hodges

As we finished our meal the men, mostly neighborhood friends, had exhausted talk of our new cars, the money we were making, the stock market rally, when my wife interrupted our bullshit session with the command to listen to what this hunched thing perched near the end of the table had to say.

She would find these creatures. Often poor, usually odiferous, to drag to our parties in the hope that their presence would provide some glamour to her reputation for cultivating an artistic temperament. Typically they were writers, unpublished, or artists, unshown. Dreary things.

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Sunshine travels

Sunshine travels
(a variation on a theme)
A science fiction tale by Kelvin "creeky" Hodges

You made it.


Fantastic. How?

Nova deposition.


Only 47 per cent of my routines have arrived so far.

Oh. So are you capable of understanding?

Possibly. I’m trying to, relearn.

I would share.

But then I wouldn’t be who I am.

Even if that’s half of you.

Half of me is pure me. Not so 1/2 me 1/2 you.

The two vibrations shared a sparkling of energy. The first was purple, the second woven in with gold.

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