Hike through a field

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I find much is revealed
A small building in a field has much to reveal.
A small building in a field has much to reveal.

I find a small square house in a field. The building is painted on all exterior walls with an upside down view of the surroundings. At first glance I think I’ve found an electrical or outbuilding cleverly disguised.

Big eyelashes

I go. wha? Well. Interesting. The paintings from a distance don’t appear that good or anything. Basic mural quality. Then I get around the building and there’s a square box sticking out of the mural with an eye. with big eyelashes.

I ask. What’s with this? My curiosity is piqued. I approach around the building, following the mown path. As I get closer I see a door knob. I still think this is some kind of dress up for an outbuilding.

Then I notice the building doesn’t touch the ground. Well, my first thought is, can I push it? Is it on a turnstile? Push. Yes it is. Cool. The building moves.

Painted house detail.
Painted house detail.

Then I turn the door knob. The door opens into a black room with a large black wooden wheel on one wall. Arrows drawn on the wheel point each direction.

Spinning wheels

What’s this? I go in and turn the wheel. It’s a pulley. The rotated wheel spins the house. Cool.

I notice that the iris of the eye is a lens. The lens is letting light in. The light fills the one white wall in the room with an upside down picture of the outside. Wow. Very cool. I’m in a camera obscura observation station. How neat is this?

Peace and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Hike through a field”

    1. The building is just one of many outdoor art pieces showcased at Fieldwork.
      Well Worth a day trip.

      Fieldwork Art/Land/Exploration

      Located at 2501 Old Brooke Road
      just outside of Perth, ON.

      And I link to a Map here.

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