Need coffee? a 2 minute wood stove lighting trick

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The two minute wood stove

I start the wood stove in my studio every morning. Over the years I’ve developed this lazy boy technique. Rolled up paper? Nah. Fussy kindling? Who are you kidding. I need coffee. But I have to light the wood stove first.

I use wood pellets and a propane torch. For a written overview follow the more link.

Steps for lighting a wood stove
  1. Add two scoops of wood pellets
  2. Add a log or logs depending on outdoor temp
  3. Point the propane torch into the wood stove to minimize propane gas in the cabin, open the gas knob
  4. Using a sparker!* or lighter light the propane brazing torch, be very careful, needless to say, that torch flame is very hot
  5. Apply the torch flame to the wood pellets
  6. Once the pellets are burning turn off the torch
  7. Add more wood if necessary
  8. You may wish to open the draw to get the fire started a little more quickly
  9. Typically you will get the most heat out of your wood by closing down the draw
  10. Okay, now you can go make coffee

As you can see this technique is much easier than chopping kindling or messing with paper.

  • * I use the sparker for the torch. My sparker flint was out when I shot this video. I bought new ones the next day.

Remember: This technique is provided for entertainment purposes only. You and only you are responsible for your wood stove and its use.

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