The tiniest of details

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Adding up little things

As I ramble along my off grid trail I finish, sometimes, the little projects and it makes a big difference. Today I show you two projects that I have had on the list for 3 years. I know!

Live edge ash top and bottom. Cherry left and right. 1/2″ fir plywood for the box. One window well trimmed.

Window trim

So this window trim for example. I put that window in over 3 years ago. I’ve used it as a pass through for my indoor/outdoor summer kitchen. It has housed an air conditioner the last two summers. And all this time it was rough lumber framing and exposed polyiso insulation.

I mean really. And all that time I had an idea that I would use this nice leftover 1/4″ birch veneer plywood to trim it out. The veneer was really lovely. So I finally get around to installing it … and … it doesn’t fit where I thought it would.

So I used 1/2″ fir ply which fit perfectly and I trimmed out the top and bottom with live edge ash board. From a tree I had sliced and diced some 10 years ago. See how I get around to things.

I did the top and bottom trim and then went looking for more of the live edge stuff to do the sides. Hah. I’m out. I’ve finally used up all of the trim. Okay cool. So I used some leftover cherry scraps.

The cherry doesn’t look substantial enough for those sides. I have wider pieces with a deeper cherry colour that I’m finishing with satin varathane. I think the wider darker pieces will look better. Eh?

Old stove new stove black stove hot stove
Stove black. Check. White high heat enamel spray paint. Check. One cleaned up wood stove. Check.
Stove black. Check. White high heat enamel spray paint. Check. One cleaned up wood stove. Check.

Again. Three years I’ve had that can of paint hanging around. Longer really. Probably like 7 years. Will it still work? Yup. So I try to take the stove door off to spray it outside. Nope.

Luckily a warm fall breeze comes directly from the west. I open the newly trimmed out window near the stove, open the doors. The breeze blows in and takes the fumes out the window. You can actually see the propellant circle, swirl and then float out the window.

I know. Ain’t off grid just full of interesting moments. Love and happiness.

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