Turkey’s in the straw

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How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards
Turkey time

One turkey in the hammock. Six turkey’s asking, hey, “when is it our turn?”

Six turkey's: Mom and her 5 poults.
Six turkey’s: Mom and her 5 poults.


I was lounging in the hammock. I admired beautiful hummingbirds. Humminbird moths. Gold and Black swallowtail butterflies. Life was wonderful. Cold bubbly water by my side. Good book.

When crash, rustle, creeeeeeek comes from the field. Grass begins to rustle.


Out pops a female turkey. She comes out on┬áthe trail I cut with the tractor. She gives me the eye. You know the one. The one that says, “good boy, good boy, now just stay in your hammock monkey boy.”

She crosses the trail. Disappears back into the grass.

Then more rustling. Poult one goes across. More rustling. Poult two, three, four. Finally, the laggard, must be a boy, poult 5!

Ah, nature’s abundance.

Peace and happiness to all on this summer day. And the days to come.

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