Will the kitchen construction ever be complete?

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Kitchen progress continues

I’m getting close. The problem: there’s never enough storage space. Solution: more cabinets.

Keep on keepin' on. Kitchen cabinets are up.
Keep on keepin’ on. Kitchen cabinets are up.

Careful kijiji watching spots a pair of upper IKEA horizontal cabinets for $40 bucks. Light wood trim similar to everything else in my kitchen. Seemingly a score . Now, if you’ve been following along you know that there’s a rule in kijiji land. For every two scores you get one burn. So the whole time I’m driving into town to pick up the cabinets, which, by the by, were up for a suspiciously long time, I’m thinking, it’s okay, I’ve had quite a few bargains, if they don’t work out. I’m still ahead of the game.

Waiting, worrying, waiting

I get to the house. Nobody is home. Well, I am five minutes early. I park the truck and wait. And wait 10 minutes. And wait 15 minutes past the pick up time. I start a phone message to the seller and off the sidewalk comes a women in tights and a jacket. Hi she says. Whew, I think.

So she shows me the cabinets. Great condition. Doors, perfect. Only one glass shelf left but that’s okay. Missing lots of hardware. Still. I count this as a score.

Off to IKEA. Well, is it some special return day at IKEA? Every seat is taken, folks are standing and waiting at the returns area. Two staff are on. Hey, it is what it is. I get a number and squeeze onto a sofa next to a rather irate looking woman. She looks at me and I wonder if I have cooties.

Two hours later I’m walking out of IKEA with a mounting rail and the bits I need to repair the missing hardware. I’m happy.

Ho, ho! Not so fast monkey boy

Of course. I get home and the hilarity begins. It starts as I’m putting up the mounting rail. I’ve installed lots of IKEA cabinets. But not of a generation this old. These are at least 10 years old. And since they came out IKEA has moved the mounting hardware up to the very top of the cabinet. These are about an inch down.

Do I notice? Hell no. I put the rail up on the wall. Screw it in. The one screw is well used and strips as it goes in. No worries I think, it’ll be up there forever. Sure. See previous paragraph.

I try to install the cabinet. Uh. Nuh-uh. Not even close. I go wha? Some double checking. Oh, I say, the mounting hardware is lower now. Okay. I say, move the rail down an inch. Sure. See previous paragraph.

I won’t go into the labourious process of an hour of trying to unscrew the stripped screw. Drilling out said screw. Trying to cut off the head of said screw: Cutting to the chase, and that’s exactly what I did, I get the sawzall out and cut the d(*m rail off. I still have enough to mount the cabinets. And the screw and an end of rail are still attached to the wall. Hilarity!

Mounting goes fast but …

Once I get the rail installed at a usable height the cabinets go up with typical IKEA ease. Cough cough. Now to hang the doors. Did I mention I’ve already spent two hours in IKEA? So turns out the horizontal doors use two regular face frame hinges and a compression arm to hold and drop the doors. The adjustment screws for the hinges on both doors opposite the compression arm are stripped. The compression arms are shot.

Ah. That $40 bucks is looking more and more reasonable, ain’t it?

A few minutes on the internet and new compression arms are ordered. I’ll see if I can swap out the two busted hinges for hinges on another cabinet around the house, if not I’ll have to spring for a set of new hinges next time I’m in town. No biggy.

All the same and nevertheless

So the doors are up. And boy, getting that tiny extra bit of storage makes a difference. I still need to clear up more pot storage, but now all my dishes, plates, glasses and cups have a convenient place to go.

One small step for this man for sure.

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