Winter bedroom update

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Working well

The winter chalet is proving out nicely. Even with¬†the coldest winter in 40 years, incomplete, unsided, hacked in windows: it’s warm and comfy. Happiness is a warm blanket.

Sunshine washes away the winter blues.
Sunshine washes away the winter blues.
Performance report … thumbs up

Well, the winter bedroom / chalet / hay rack is performing quite well. I have done some additional strapping. Added some foam to gaps. And there is a good round of foam sealing and taping still to go.

But I’m pretty happy. The tiny heater has had no trouble keeping the chalet livable. Even during one of the coldest winters in 40 years. So score one for insulation.

And the windows, while some tweaking required (curtains for at night), are sufficient that on a sunny day the chalet heats on solar gain alone.

It’s kind of neat to go into the chalet at -20C and have the interior at 20 without any heater running.

Waiting for spring

I will be able to finish the siding come warmer weather. And then she’ll be done.

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